Baby Bounties Mini-Figures - The Child (Baby Yoda) "Hold Me" and "Ball"

Baby Bounties Mini-Figures - The Child (Baby Yoda) "Hold Me" and "Ball"

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  • You get two "Baby Yoda" mini-figures in this super-cute set!
  • One has its arms spread in welcome.
  • The other offers you a ball.

You get two "Baby Yodas" when you order this super-cute Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Hold Me and Ball Mini-Figures set! Each delightful 2 1/2-inch tall plastic figure is posed to bring home a scene from The Mandalorian TV series.

One has its arms spread, lookin' for some huggin', while the other is offering you a ball. You'll have at least twice the fun with these The Child figures in your collection.

Baby Yoda, it is not, but that's what many Star Wars fans have taken to calling this 50-year-old member of the Jedi Master's species who is likewise powerful with the Force. One of only two other known members of Yoda's unnamed species, The Child is a small toddler found and protected by the Mandalorian.