ANH Commemorative Tin 2/3 Legacy 2008

ANH Commemorative Tin 2/3 Legacy 2008

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ANH Commemorative Tin 2/3 Legacy 2008. Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Stormtrooper, Death Star Trooper.

Kmart Exclusive  Source: A New Hope

Luke Skywalker

Young and impulsive, Luke was already a phenomenal pilot when he arrived at the Rebel base on Yavin, having developed his skills hot-dogging his T-16 through Beggar's Canyon. Even so, without trusting in the Force, he might never have landed the proton torpedoes that destroyed the Death Star.

Biggs Darklighter

As talented a pilot as his friend Luke Skywalker, Biggs joins the Imperial Academy, but what he sees there opens his eyes to the brutality of the Empire. He defects to the Rebel Alliance and serves heroically, but is blown out of the air by Darth Vader at the Battle of Yavin.


The Empire's elite shock troops, stormtroopers are unswervingly loyal to the Empire and serve without fear or hesitation. Their indoctrination and training are key to upholding the Emperor's bidding and maintaining his control of the galaxy.

Death Star Trooper

Wearing black uniforms and distinctive helmets, Death Star troopers are chosen from the ranks of the Imperial Navy Troopers to defend key installations. When not in combat, these well-trained soldiers and guards provide security, handle hangar traffic control, and monitor sensor arrays.