Y-Wing Fighter 30th

Y-Wing Fighter 30th

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Toys R Us Summer Exclusive.  Y-Wing Fighter, R5-F7, Y-Wing Pilot (Lieutenant Lepira)

Source: A New Hope

For the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars property, Hasbro really steps up to the plate (all around) and clearly has put some thoughts in their store exclusives and released a pretty awesome version of the Y-wing Fighter based on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The vehicle has an incredible paint job (it’s one of the best this vehicle mold has ever seen) and while Hasbro didn’t hollow out the droid socket so we could choose the droid, they did create an awesome pilot/droid combination and gave us two new characters from Episode IV that have never been available until this release. That same "steerless" cockpit is brought back as well, but it's barely a setback.(On a different note, we are unable to find R5-F7 anywhere in the film, but that doesn’t mean this droid isn’t somewhere elusive in the film. Created for Toys R Us as one of their summer exclusives, the Y-wing Fighter will surely excite fans of all ages.

Perhaps the greatest thing in this set besides the actual vehicle itself is the pack-in R5-F7 astromech droid. Hasbro has gone amazingly above the call of duty with this droid. Not only do we get the “accessory” permanently affixed to the vehicle (with a removable antenna no less), we also get the “completed” droid to display in your collection wholly intact.