Imperial Pilot Evolutions Legacy 2008

Imperial Pilot Evolutions Legacy 2008

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Imperial Pilot Legacy Evolutions 2008. Two Clone Pilots, Biggs Darklighter.

Clone Pilot (Clone Wars) - Expanded Universer (Hasbro Concept)

Clone Pilot - Revenge of the Sith

Biggs Darklighter - Expanded Universe (Star Wars: Empire: Darklighter)

The legacy of the Imperial pilots twists and turns from its mysterious origins to grim reality and regained nobility. They are the best of the best; their skils are never less than superb, but their goals for which they fight are not always clear... or right. Clone pilots are heroes when they aid the Jedi during the Clone Wars, but these same clone pilots change from friends to foes after Order 66. Later, Biggs Darklighter aspires to be an Imperial pilot but gives up this dream for a greater one: freedom for the galaxy.